Can I use, repost, and share your articles?

All written content is owned by Kate Renee, LLC. You can use, repost or share any of these blog posts. Do not change anything, except minor typos. Please make sure you credit or link back to What Art School Didn’t Teach You and Kate Renee. Failure to include credit is copyright infringement.

Is this content appropriate for emerging or professional artists?

Both! The content on this blog covers everything from hobby artists to practicing professionals as well as any person running a creative small business. While this blog refers to artists often, many of the tips and concepts can apply to other forms of creative businesses.

How can I stay connected?

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How can I get the most benefit from this blog?

There are so many facets to creative entrepreneurship that taking this content in small steps is more approachable than overhauling your business or becoming overwhelmed. Supplement the content from this blog with other workshops, books, and resources to guide your business decisions.

What Art School Didn’t Teach You believes that we can all be successful with our creative careers when we have access to business support. This space allows you to try strategies and resources to use as they best fit you. If something suggested on the Art School Blog isn’t working for you, feel free to leave it or adapt it to fit your needs.

Do you accept collaborations, promotions, or sponsorships?

What Art School Didn’t Teach You is always interested in collaborations and cross-promotions with other organizations, artists, and art business brands. For sponsorships and product promotions, please reach out by email.

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