About the Blog


The Problem

The art world has a systemic gap in education for preparing creatives to manage their business.


What Art Schoool Didn’t Teach You creates entrepreneurs out of emerging artists


What Art School Didn’t Teach You has served to bridge the educational gap in the art world where artists need both business training and creative support.

We do this by being a resource and service for artists, makers, and creatives who desire to improve their entrepreneurship – from business tips & marketing to balancing art, life, and our inner critics – this resource is here to help build balance between your creative passion and your business necessities.

This is done through the following initiatives:

  • Free educational blog content
  • Downloadable resources
  • Consultations
  • Workshops
  • Mentorship



What Art School Didn’t Teach You believes that…

  • Artrepreneurship is a worthwhile investment
  • Artists and creative business owners have unique needs outside the traditional business models
  • Education will empower artrepreneurs to reach their full creative potential
  • Increased access through donations, scholarships, free content, and networking opportunities for students are important in contributing to equity, diversity, and inclusion

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